Are you being served, yet ?

   The appetite of the soul can not be served with the junk-food diet the world offers. Only the Word of God can feed you, fill you, and sustain you; as well as maintain , restore, and redeem you from the toxins and trans fat of the worldly feast.

 Jesus says, “I am the bread of life, he that believes in me shall never hunger and he that comes to me shall never thirst.” God wants to serve you, with His love, grace and mercy; but before he can serve you he must service you. That is, he seeks utter obedience, repentance, and trust in His will for your life and well-being. God is a jealous god thus he wants the best of you; that he may bless you beyond your desires.

Therefore, in whatever condition you find yourself challenged by, just believe that God will provide . He did it for Joseph who was thrown in a deep hole and left for dead by his brothers. He did it for Abraham when he through faith, begin to sacrifice Isaac his son.  And, he did it for Daniel in the lions’ den.  And yes, He will do it for you if you but turn it over to Him!  In each situation, the man of god trust in god, obeyed god, and waited on god.  Praise be to God.

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