…”the Lord is with me”

   A drunk man and a preacher were driving on the expressway. The preacher tried passing the drunkard and as he did the drunkard would swerve in front of him; the preacher tried passing again, to the other side, again the drunkard would swerve in front of him. On down the road a bit, the drunk man pulls up on the side of the road (because there is a commotion off to the side), and he sees the preacher in a ditch; The preacher appears OK yet the car is a mess. So he ask the preacher,”Are you OK.” the preacher says, ” I’m alright I’ve got the Lord with me.  The drunkard looks closer at him then the car, and says, ” Well sir excuse me, but the way you’re going maybe the Lord would be safer with me.”

   Just perhaps, the Lord God would be safer with the lost and undesirables of the society. Afterall, he does invite all to the great supper (Lk.14:13). And he invited them/us – “the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame”- because the (A) guest list of folk all had excuses as to why they could not attend the feast. And even after the poor and lame attended the supper, there was “still room” for more to attend.

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