Forgive him, ? no way

Speaking with a friend the other day, he informed me of a betrayal incident that he is having trouble coming to terms with. Although he understood his friends reason, and motive he just could not forgive this person for such an egregious act. Therefore, I shared with him my recent musings from the priest/monk H. Nouwen ,ah perhaps not in these words; “To forgive another person from the heart is an act of liberation. We set that person free form the negative bond that exist between us. We say,”I no longer hold your offense against you.” But there is more. We also free ourselves from the burden of being the “offended one.” As long as we do not forgive those who have wounded us, we carry them with us or, worst, pull them as a heavy load.” That is, they continue to live in our mind rent free. My friend nodded his head in agreement as if he understood, but his actions stated the opposite.
I begin to think, I too, have and at times carry a heavy load, when its unnecessary. And, come to think of it, so do a few of my co-workers.

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